EACACOV President’s message

EACACOV Inc. provides settlement services through the African Holistic Social Services by experienced Social workers, Community Development workers and volunteers.

Through active participation in consultations with both Federal and State government agencies and with communities, the executive committee continues to identify and inform on key issues and concerns impacting on the settlement of Sub-Sahara Africans.

EACACOV has through the efforts of many individuals and agencies helped in the settlement of migrants, humanitarian entrantsĀ and refugees from sub-Sahara Africa and in promoting and maintaining African cultures in a multicultural Australian landscape.

We endeavour to help strengthen communities through advocacy, support and referrals.

The formation of EACACOV arose from the need for an African community organization with reputable individuals who understood:

  • Africans migration and settlement issues
  • Unemployment within the African community
  • The importance of Education and empowerment of young Africans
  • The importance of African extended family and family values.

EACACOV is developing to become:

  • The pillar of your community
  • The support of your community
  • Your extended family for support in time of need
  • Your representative in government policy formulation
  • A future employer to help minimize unemployment in your community

You can help in building and development of EACACOV:

  • Become a member
  • Volunteer to take a position of responsibility in the committees of EACACOV to help make decisions
  • Participate in ongoing community activities organized and carried out by EACACOV

EACACOV is you and your family and you and your family are EACACOV. Get your family involved.

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